Active retirees enjoying amenities


Kings Point South Club Aerial Photo

It would be rather easy for us to wave our own flag or tell you how great we think Kings Point really is. But we thought it would be much more helpful for you to read testimonials from our own residents and guests. 

These are actual testomopnials which can also be seen on our FaceBook reviews page.

“I tell people I live on an adult college campus. We have classes i.e. pottery, stained glass, ukulele but we don't get graded. We have clubs like sororities and fraternities i.e. Canadian, Michigan, Baby Boomers. We have pools, gyms, restaurants, bars and we drive our golf carts everywhere. Tuition is approximately $6,000 a year per household (HOA fees).”

Kings Point Resident Linda Smith

“I love having the golf course right in our community, we have wonderful pools, and I really enjoy the selection of fitness classes.”

Kings Point Resident Judi Heinzman

“We love it here, so much to do, we love all the activities and clubs The indoor and outdoor pools are wonderful! The upkeep in the landscaping is so nice.”

Kings Point Resident Ralph Renner

“Attracted to Kings Point by 'stick built', solid houses and its extensive amenities we soon discovered there are clubs and interest groups here for every interest imaginable. We have made many friends with whom we share a lifestyle as active or relaxing as we care for, within Kings Point or in the broader Gulf coast area. It is an amazing place to explore by kayak, boat, bicycle or on foot and Kings Point is well situated for us to access any area of Florida.”

Kings Point Resident Jiiva Somerville

“I love the resort feel of King’s Point with so much to do, and yet it is friendly they way a great neighborhood is. The ability to ride your bike, go for a walk, or golf cart over to your friends home or to the fitness facilities, King’s Point is just a breath of fresh air.”

Kings Point Resident Diane Williamson

“We’ve met a lot of friends through all the activities that we belong to. We belong to about 5 or 6 dance clubs. The exercise, the pool, the pool parties, Rockin’ Rendezvous. We love Karaoke—he loves to sing!”--Linda

“Financially what a break. It’s half the expense of where we lived before and we do double the amount of activities. We’re never bored!”

Kings Point Resident Ron

"I just love it here. I do Zumba, Total Body, I work out in the 2020 Centre, I tap dance, I line dance. I keep really busy! I love livin"

Kings Point Resident Shelly Brooks

“We love the people, they’re very friendly. We love the security, that’s number one. We love Kings Point because it’s established, well run, secure, very clean and we don’t have to think about maintaining our homes, so we have more time to do things for ourselves and enjoy life. My favorite place is Spa Serenity to keep me well groomed! I get my hair colored and cut once a month and I get manicures and pedicures. It’s very convenient to have a salon right inside the community.”

Kings Point Resident Brenda Presley

“We moved here for all of the activities because we wanted to stay more active during our retirement years. Like my daughter puts it, it’s like an all-inclusive resort. We chose Kings Point because it was more affordable. We felt we got much more for our money than any place else we looked. Other places were comparable or more and you got way less for your money.”

Kings Point Resident Pat Miller