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Walking Trails

Our network of well-maintained and paved paths meander through the Kings Point communities, giving residents the opportunity to take the road less traveled and experience the real Florida. You can walk, run, bike, rollerblade, or ride your golf cart past large stands of mature oak trees, sparkling ponds and many varieties of Florida plants. From our trails you can spot many types of wildlife, including birds, fish, small mammals, and even reptiles now and then.

Kings Point Walking Paths/Activity Trails

At about 200 acres, the activity trails were formerly golf course land, and today they form a beautiful green space in our community, maintained by ClubLink under supervision of the Kings Point Master Association. They are not monitored or lighted, so using the trails is at your own risk and prohibited after dark. Many residents enjoy walking their pets on the trails, as all leashed pets are welcome. We ask that pet owners pick up after their pets as a courtesy to everyone.

The trails are easily accessed from most neighborhoods with entrances from Hammersmith Drive, McDaniel Street, Cambridge Trail, Kings Boulevard and Clubhouse Drive. Why not take a walk on the natural side, on our beautiful Kings Point activity trails!

Maps of Our Activity Trails

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Photos of Our Activity Trails

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