Active retirees enjoying amenities

Carefree Living

What’s a top reason for our residents’ Sunshine State of Mind? Ask them and you’ll hear a common refrain: No more home maintenance! Your Kings Point lifestyle means truly carefree living. No weekend chores, managing home repairs, yardwork, trimming, or even cleaning your home. If it sounds wonderful, you are right! If it sounds too good to be true, read on to see how we make it happen every day.

Kings Point Warranty Service

Protection for your interior home appliances is available through our Kings Point Warranty program. Many residents choose to enroll in this affordable subscription service, as it includes maintenance and replacement of major appliances. It’s a valued service for our residents to keep your home humming in top condition and eliminate surprise repair costs. KPW is a non-profit association located right here in Kings Point specifically to serve our residents. Click here to get more details about this program.

Kings Point Warranty Service

General Maintenance

Kings Point General Maintenance

Outdoor painting, roofing, and maintenance are handled jointly by our professional management company and the individual community associations in Kings Point Suncoast. They work together to prepare and manage community painting and roofing schedules. We plan ahead so homeowners are well-informed when the time comes for these large projects. Each condominium/HOA association has their own programs, schedules, and budgets for ongoing maintenance. Your realtor can help with HOA details about the specific home you are interested in purchasing.

Inside Your Home

You can say goodbye to your inside chores by hiring the services of professional home cleaners, handymen and maintenance pros, licensed and insured for your protection. Take a class, relax by the pool, join friends for a coffee, or fit in two rounds of golf! Household drudgery has no place in the Kings Point Sunshine State of Mind!

Kings Point Home Cleaning