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Fitness Gym

The fitness floor is segmented into cardiovascular equipment, free weights, selectorized weights and a stretch area. The professionally trained staff offer a variety of services and classes designed to assist residents to achieve health, wellness and fitness goals. Residents may make an appointment for a complimentary introduction to the state of the art LifeFitness equipment.

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Cardiovascular Machines

These machines help you raise your heart rate and create stronger muscles and respiratory systems. All cardiovascular machines are equipped with adjustable speed and intensity controls that you can easily set for your fitness level and goals. These machines have monitors that display a variety of popular shows and news features, as well as all your workout stats and progress.

  • Row Machines:

    Engage your legs, back, core and arms, delivering an intense full-body cardio experience

  • Treadmills:

    Walk, jog or run in place with you at the controls of speed and incline

  • Ellipticals:

    Stationary machine used to simulate stair climbing, walking, or running without causing excessive pressure to the joints

  • NuSteps:

    Nussteps targets specific areas of concern using deep pressure, kneading, and trigger point therapy to alleviate muscle soreness and tension.

  • Recumbent bikes:

    Provide a virtual full-body exercise while in a comfortable position with you at the controls

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Strength Training

These stations helps you build muscle and bone density. (30 strength stations)

  • Fitness Strength Equipment:

    Life Fitness Insignia & Optima strength equipment

  • Dumbbells and Weights:
    Dumbbell rack with weights
  • Dual Adjustable Pulley
  • Smith Machines:

    SMith Machines allow you to work multiple body parts while remaining at the same station for a compact and consolidated workout.

  • Adjustable benches:
    Strengthen multiple parts of your body using our adjustable benches for incline and decline bench presses, situps, rows and more.

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