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Sceptre Golf Course

Challenging Golf Course WIthin Kings Point Properties

Kings Point is a top ranked Florida retirement community for many reasons, and for golfers our beautifully maintained and managed golf courses are their number one! Inside our community,  27 holes of golf are available for both the hobbiest and enthusiast.

Sceptre Golf Club Signage at Kings Point
Sceptre Golf Club Signage at Kings Point

Scepter Golf Club is an 18-hole course adjacent to the Kings Point South Club. This course was designed by master architect Chip Powell with features to challenge golfers at every level. Visit the Scepter website to learn more or call 813-634-4393 to reserve a tee time.

Golfers enjoy the convenience of the private course inside our community and another right next door. After their game, you will often find golfing buddies enjoying a snack and a cold drink at the 19th hole at the Kings Point South Club.

What Our Residents Say

"There is nothing to dislike here. If you are a golfer then you’ve been to heaven when you live here."

HAROLD A DEVOTI - Kings Point Resident

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