Nature at Kings Point

Kings Point is home to a wide variety of beautiful and exotic wild life. It’s not uncommon to see native bird species like Florida Sandhill Cranes, Egrets, or Florida Mallards swimming in any one of our ponds or feeding from insects in our yards. Many of our residents enjoy watching these native birds feed, frolic and fly from their lanais while drinking their morning coffee.

It’s not unusual for golfers enjoying a round of golf to spot an American alligator sunning itself on the shore of a pond or swimming around seeking refuge in our waterways.

Sightings of red foxes, peacocks and raccoons scampering around Kings Point Suncoast are more rare, but as you can see in the above photo gallery, they have been seen meandering around, probably looking for their next meal.

When it comes to enjoying the outdoors and admiring Florida’s wildlife, there is no better location than Florida’s Suncoast. It’s an outdoor lover’s dream come true.

Residents and wildlife live in harmony at Kings Point. To preserve the balance of nature in Kings Point, we ask our residents not to feed wildlife.  The residents respect animals by not feeding them and animals respect residents by staying a natural safe distance. We know once animals associate people with food they look for food from any human and the natural aversion is destroyed. In addition, many wildlife are on the Protected Species List and interaction is prohibited.

Learning to live with nature in its natural balance keeps Florida wildlife happy and healthy.

Images of Wildlife Near and Within Kings Point Active Adult Community

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